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Dialyspa is changing the way dialysis services are being provided, and we’re leading the way by offering dialysis patients choices that are uncommon in the dialysis industry. From superior staffing ratios to truly flexible scheduling, proactive emergency planning, and on-going support groups, Dialyspa is raising the bar in the dialysis community. Not to mention, our relaxing, luxury spa atmosphere is like nothing else in the industry!

Superior Staffing Ratios

Dialyspa was co-founded by a dialysis patient, Neill Simon, who received dialysis care at a dialysis center with state-approved staffing ratios. Neill’s experience was that there was not enough staff to tend to patients’ needs.

He wanted Dialyspa’s ratios to be better. Medicare has no set ratios for caregivers to patients in dialysis centers. Most states do not either. In Texas, staffing ratios in a dialysis center are legislated at four patients to every technician. Nursing ratios have registered nurses tending to twelve patients during a single shift.

Dialyspa operates all clinics with one technician for every three patients. Nursing ratios are also better than state requirements. Nine patients, not twelve, is the maximum number of patients a Dialyspa nurse will care for at one time. Our staffing ratios allow the staff to truly give more time and more care to each patient.

Dialyspa is meeting or beating most ESRD Network 14 clinical outcomes. In addition to excellent clinical outcomes, Dialyspa also boasts a higher-than-average kidney transplant rate for our patients. Dialyspa dialysis clinics have the staff to implement a higher level of care. We are not just meeting minimum care standards, but exceeding them.

Flexible Scheduling

While other dialysis providers say they offer flexible scheduling, what they often mean is that patients can pick their days and shift. Dialyspa offers true flexible scheduling.  Our dialysis facilities can accommodate working patients or pertinent appointments by arranging treatment outside of a standard shift schedule, including nocturnal options.

Working patients are often expected to adjust their work schedule around the dialysis center’s schedule. Dialyspa has the flexibility to truly accommodate the patient’s schedule. This is rare in the dialysis community, but something we hope to inspire other dialysis providers to achieve.

We believe that flexible scheduling can:

  • Minimize the stress of coordinating work schedules and dialysis treatments
  • Provide a personalized dialysis experience
  • Accommodate unexpected life events
  • Make patients an active decision-maker in their treatment
  • Promote partnership with dialysis team
  • Allow for personalized time management
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Ongoing Kidney Support Groups

Support is something every dialysis patient needs. In keeping with our philosophy to improve not just physical health but also the overall quality of life, Dialyspa has made another impact on the Houston dialysis community.

All of our dialysis clinics offer monthly support groups to anyone interested in kidney and dialysis issues. When Dialyspa began offering the group in January 2012, there were no other ongoing support groups publicized in the entire Houston area. Dialyspa believes support groups should be easily accessed from every region. We’re doing what we can to make this a standard consideration at every dialysis clinic.

Whether you are in the early stages of CKD, on dialysis, or the recipient of a kidney transplant, this group has something to offer you! Registration is not necessary.

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On-Site Generators and Disaster Assistance

Standard at all Dialyspa dialysis centers is an onsite generator. This is almost unheard of in the dialysis industry. When there is a power outage, dialysis is uninterrupted and patients do have to manually return their blood through the machine back into their bodies.

Most dialysis centers rely on shared, portable generators. All Dialyspa clinics have a permanent, on-site generator just for dialysis machines. We hope other dialysis providers will follow our lead and offer their patients and staff the safety that comes with an on-site generator.

Dialyspa also offers hurricane and disaster assistance. By participating in TEEC, Dialyspa actively prepares for emergencies, manmade and natural. We have two spare dialysis machines at the ready and can provide immediate treatment for hospital overflow.

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