Neill’s Deal

As a dialysis patient, Neill Simon developed ideas on what would make a dialysis center the best and most relaxing experience possible. With patient care and comfort in mind, Neill came up with “Neill’s Deal” as a guideline for creating a positive environment for patients and staff alike.

  • I promise to treat our patients with respect, courtesy, and dignity.
  • I promise to be attentive to our patients’ needs.
  • I will take care of our patients as I would a family member.
  • I promise to have a positive attitude.
  • I promise to promote a clean and quiet clinic environment.
  • I promise to be open to feedback from management, my peers, and our patients. I understand that this will make me a better caregiver for our patients.
  • I promise to give my coworkers feedback if I feel it will make them better caregivers. I will present this feedback in a positive, caring manner.
  • I promise to speak to coworkers one-on-one if we have a disagreement. Th­is will be done away from the treatment area.
  • I promise to help my coworkers when they need assistance.
  • I will do my part to be a team player.
  • I promise to be open-minded to changes that may occur.
  • I promise to share ideas that I feel will make Dialyspa a better place for employees and for our patients.


–Neill Simon, Co-Founder of Dialyspa® and Dialysis Patient

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