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Home Hemodialysis with Dialyspa Training

Depending on your needs and ability, you may have the option to receive hemodialysis treatments in the comfort of your own home using home hemodialysis machines.

The process is the same, but you will need to have a partner or caregiver present to help you monitor your session, and either you or your partner will need to perform the needle sticks.

With home dialysis, you will have more flexibility over what time of day you receive your dialysis treatments, but you will still need to perform treatments according to the weekly schedule your doctor provides.

If you choose our home dialysis modality, you’ll receive full training and guidance from Dialyspa nurses. Dialyspa currently offers patients home hemodialysis using the NxStage System.


Home Hemodialysis Pros

  • Dialyze in the privacy and comfort of your own home
  • Dialyze at the time most convenient for your daily schedule
  • Four “off days” from treatment
  • Portable dialysis machine allows for more convenient travel
  • May have more relaxed diet and fluid restrictions
  • May require fewer medications

Home Hemodialysis Cons

  • Must have a partner or caregiver present during sessions
  • Requires home storage of dialysis equipment
  • Requires careful training
  • Must perform your own needle sticks
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