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Dialyspa Leads the Industry with Dialysis Patients Transitioning to Transplant

Your body has two kidneys, but a single kidney is all you need to adequately remove waste products from your bloodstream. With a transplant, you receive a single healthy kidney, either from a family member or organ donor. Once you receive your transplant, you will still need to make lifestyle changes like those required of dialysis patients, including a new diet plan and medical regimen.

Dialyspa functions as a home for dialysis treatment and a bridge to kidney transplantation. This means we help you maintain your health and prepare your system to receive a new kidney with as few complications as possible. You and your doctor will discuss your transplant options, and your social worker can help guide you through the transplant referral process.

We believe our large percentage of active transplant candidates and actual kidney recipients is due to Dialyspa’s commitment to personalized care and education. Through education and support, Dialyspa is helping our patients be strong, healthy transplant candidates.

Dialyspa patients and staff are visited by area transplant organizations to become familiar with the overall transplant process. We provide in-clinic opportunities with transplant centers. This allows for learning about the process that can lead to a kidney transplant. Below are a just a few of the organizations we partner with:

Memorial Hermann-Texas Kidney Institute

Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center

St. Luke’s Cooley Transplant Center’s Kidney Transplant Program

UTMB Renal Transplant Program

Our patients also have transplant center choices and options outside of Texas. We’ll do everything we can to find you a transplant and make sure you are an ideal candidate, while making sure you are thriving on dialysis.

By seeking dialysis in an environment suited to your lifestyle, with more staff to cater to your medical needs, you can experience success in being placed on an active transplant list and receiving transplants. Dialyspa’s transplant outcomes are better than network averages.

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