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Making the Commitment to Total Wellness and Luxury

For beginning dialysis patients and those awaiting kidney transplants, there are three commitments essential for maintaining a full and healthy life despite renal failure. At Dialyspa, we make committing to kidney health a simple transition by providing the relaxation and luxury comfort you deserve.

Receive Dialysis Treatments as Scheduled

Dialysis replicates the kidneys’ waste removal function using one of two filtration methods called modalities, hemodialysis, and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis uses an external blood filter with a dialyzer acting as an artificial kidney.

In peritoneal dialysis, the filtration takes place internally using the blood vessels in the abdominal lining (the peritoneum). Hemodialysis is typically performed within a clinic, while peritoneal dialysis most often takes place within the patient’s home.

You and your doctor will select the best dialysis modality and treatment schedule for you. Healthy kidneys function 24 hours per day to remove excess fluid, salts, and waste products from your blood, but the average dialysis schedule allows for just 12 hours per week to perform the same function. It is important to maintain your treatment schedule to prevent these wastes from reaching unhealthy levels.

Dialyspa’s extended hours give you greater flexibility over when to dialyze and our spa treatment, flat-panel televisions with touchscreen internet access, and massage chairs make the most of that time in tranquility.

Stick to Your Personal Diet Plan

Although dialysis replicates some kidney functions, you’ll need to regulate the amounts and proportions of fluids, salts, and nutrients introduced into your bloodstream. Our on-site nutritionist will help you create a personal diet plan based on your unique dietary needs and tastes.

Sticking to your diet plan will replenish important nutrients lost during dialysis, limit the amount of harmful wastes introduced into your bloodstream, and make your dialysis treatments less stressful for your body.

Most important, following a healthy diet will improve your energy and quality of life in between your dialysis treatments and keep you active, energized, and revitalized for years to come.

Be the Leader of Your Health Care Team

As you undergo dialysis and prepare for your kidney transplant, you’ll have a team of experts ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and ensure you receive the maximum benefit from the time you spend in treatment.

Your team will include your nurses, patient care technicians, nutritionist, social worker, and nephrologist. But the most important member of the team is you.

As team leader, your job is to speak openly and honestly about your treatment, especially if you experience discomfort or setbacks. Many patients develop close relationships with their social workers and find it easiest to bring all concerns to the social worker first.

The social worker will then act as a patient advocate to coordinate the efforts of the entire team. The Dialyspa team will make sure your treatment plan is working for you and that you feel supported, encouraged, and optimistic about your life with dialysis.

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