Our Difference

A Patient-Centric Philosophy


Simply put, the Dialyspa Difference is in treating each dialysis patient as if they are our only patient. With an emphasis on comfort, education, and empowerment, we help individuals with renal failure or kidney disease improve health and renew quality of life as they transition to dialysis and prepare for kidney transplants.

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We bring the very best in comfort.

When you are with us, our goal is for you to have the most comfortable experience possible. We know that dialysis patients spend an average of 12 hours per week receiving treatments, so we’ve spared no expense to make this time as relaxing and productive as possible - no detail or amenity has been overlooked. Some of the comforts you can expect to see at our unique centers are:

  • Welcoming, friendly staff

  • Beautiful décor and a soothing atmosphere

  • Private stations for each patient

  • Ambient lighting instead of fluorescent lighting

  • Oversized “lay-flat” recliners with different levels of heat and massage

  • Personal entertainment systems run by an iPad that controls your flat panel television and can simultaneously be used to surf the web

  • Extra outlets for your other devices

  • Free Wifi throughout the facility

  • Complimentary coffee bar and the best crushed ice in town!

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Our Story

What has really helped us hone our patient-centric approach is the incredible insight given to us by one of our co-founders, Neill Simon, who was himself a dialysis patient going through treatments. He was able to provide us with first-hand experience and understanding into the best way to run our clinic and hospital programs.

Like many dialysis patients, Neill found it difficult to adjust to the sudden changes of his new lifestyle. Having had many unpleasant experiences dialyzing in high-volume clinics with impersonal and even indifferent treatment by overloaded staff, Neill knew how important it was to put the patient experience first. It was important to him that patients be treated with respect and compassion, and to have accommodations that helped to improve this life-changing ordeal.

Neill personally saw to it that Dialyspa would offer every patient all the comforts he himself would like to experience during dialysis—from heated chairs to state-of-the-art entertainment systems, even down to his favorite ice. Neill’s goal was to make sure that all Dialyspa patients know that they are genuinely cared for and supported.

Our other co-founder, Dr. Jeffery Kalina, was a longtime friend of Neill, who shared in his vision of a patient-centric dialysis facility - but Dr. Kalina also brought something special to this equation. His experience as the ‘Chairman of the Disaster Response Team’ in the Texas Medical Center during Hurricane Katrina, and, as the ‘Coordinator of Emergency Dialysis Services’ with the Texas State End Stage Renal Network during Hurricane Ike, made him witness firsthand the effects of insufficient emergency dialysis services during hurricanes and natural disasters.

Dr. Kalina became convinced that all dialysis clinics should have a backup generator to protect against power loss during disasters and emergencies. He expanded Dialyspa’s mission to ensure every dialysis patient would have access to around-the-clock care in times of crisis. Thus, Dialyspa has emergency provisions we feel are unmatched by any other dialysis center in Houston. And for this reason, we were the only clinic open the entire duration of Hurricane Harvey.

Together, our founders created an ideal dialysis facility - designed from a patient’s perspective with a doctor’s medical insight. When you are with us, our main objective is for you to have the most comfortable and relaxing experience possible – we want to be proactive and responsive to your needs when you are under our care. We want to change your dialysis experience.

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Neil’s Deal: the promise we make to every patient

Neill’s Deal encapsulates guiding principals we live by to provide you best-in-class patient care. Neill developed these ideas in order to make Dialyspa the pinnacle of a relaxing dialysis experience. “Neill’s Deal” is our personal guideline for creating a positive environment for both patients and our team. It’s the commitment that everyone here at Dialyspa is proud to uphold. It’s our honor to serve you and carry on Neill’s legacy and mission to change the dialysis experience for every patient.

  • We promise to treat our patients with respect, courtesy, and dignity.

  • We promise to be attentive to our patient’s needs.

  • We will take care of our patients as we would our family member.

  • We promise to have a positive attitude.

  • We promise to promote a clean and quiet clinic environment.

  • We promise to be open to feedback, both from management, peers, and patients. We understand this will make us better caregivers.

  • We promise to give our co-workers feedback if we feel it will make them a better caregiver; and we’ll present this feedback in a positive, caring manner.

  • We promise to speak to co-workers one-on-one if we have a disagreement. This will be done away from the treatment area.

  • We promise to help our co-workers when they need assistance.

  • We will all do our part to be a “team-player."

  • We promise to be open-minded to changes that may occur.

  • We promise to share ideas that we feel will make Dialyspa a better place for employees and patients.


We strive to make each patient feel cared for.

Dialyspa sets a new standard in excellence: state-of-the-art treatment facilities, attentive technicians, and on-site experts are just the beginning of our unparalleled commitment to patient satisfaction. The foundation of Dialyspa’s superior service quality is our commitment to go above and beyond the minimum standards of dialysis health care. Below are just a few of the ways we’ve set the new standard in patient care:

  • Higher patient-to-technician ratio than the state requires

  • Higher patient-to-nurse ratio than the state requires

  • Case load for entire clinical staff is better than state requirements

  • Cutting-edge on-site water filtration system

  • Top-of-the-line dialysis machines

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Isolation room for at-risk patients

  • Backup generator for operation during emergencies and disasters

  • Spare machines and supplies on premises in case of emergencies and disasters

  • In-home dialysis care and training

  • On-site grief and stress management counseling

  • Insurance paperwork and financial assistance program guidance

Arrange a tour today to see the difference for yourself.

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